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Reg. No. 2010/04/1006


Dr. Deepak Varade opted for medical field to fulfill his dad’s dream of becoming a doctor and serving society to build healthy and happy families, thereby contributing to a healthy and happy India.


After completing his MBBS education from Terna Medical College, Dr. Deepak finished his post graduation in DNB Medicine from Holy Spirit hospital, Mumbai. Later he did Diabetes and Rheumatology management course from Nanavati hospital. He has also finished course on 2D-Echocardiography. Post DNB he worked as ICU intensivist for 2 years in AIMS hospital in Dombivli. His following co-authored Research articles have been accepted and published in the international publication of American Journal of Nephrology :-

  • Desidustat in Anemia due to NonDialysis-Dependent Chronic Kidney Disease: A Phase 3 Study (DREAM-ND).

  • Desidustat in Anemia due to Dialysis-Dependent Chronic Kidney Disease: A Phase 3 Study (DREAM-D).


Currently he is attached as a Consultant Physician at SRV Mamata hospital, Dombivli. Since March/April 2020, ever since Dombivli-Kalyan reported its first case of COVID-19, Dr.Varade has been actively involved in the COVID work happening at SRV Mamata hospital. He has played a pivotal role in guiding hospital policies and creating community awareness on the subject. He has successfully treated innumerable Covid and non-covid cases there. He has also successfully saved patients with 100% lung involvement due to Covid-19 pneumonia admitted in the hospital. He believes in team work. With the support of a multi-disciplinary team including ENT surgeons, neurosurgeons, radiologists, microbiologists and pathologists at SRV mamata hospital, he has been closely involved in the management of a series of cases of post-COVID 19 invasive mucormycosis and has successfully treated all of them. He is actively involved in the teaching activities and academics in the hospital. His areas of interest of treatment in the hospital include but not limited to:-

  • Tropical Fevers (malaria, dengue, typhoid, leptospirosis, rickettsial fever etc.), Influenza

  • Fever of unknown origin

  • COVID 19 infection, post-COVID 19 infective complications including invasive mucormycosis, COVID 19 vaccination advice

  • Community infections: respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary tract, skin and soft tissue, ear infections, meningitis, endocarditis

  • Tuberculosis,- drug-resistant TB, extrapulmonary TB, TB meningitis

  • Diabetes and management of diabetic complications and emergencies

  • Orthopedic & Spine Infections: including prosthetic joint and implant-associated Infections

  • Health-care associated & Drug-resistant Infections: post-surgical infections, hospitalized patients, patients on maintenance hemodialysis, patients with catheters, prosthetic implants

  • Infections in special populations: cancer patients, post-transplant recipients, immunosuppressed patients, diabetes, chronic kidney and liver disease

  • Infections in Pregnant Women- prevention of mother to child transmission

  • Adult Immunisation: immunisation for students traveling to foreign universities, vaccinations for special populations (e.g. post-transplant, cancer patients, immunosuppressed patients, diabetics, patients with chronic lung, liver, kidney disease)

  • Travel Medicine: pre-travel health assessment and advice, immunisations, infections in returning travellers.

  • 2D echo in emergency

  • Rheumatological disorders management: Rheumatoid arthritis, MCTD, SLE, etc


Meanwhile an interesting set of events led him to learn various modalities pertaining to relief of common musculoskeletal pain syndromes which are usually refractory to conventional medical care viz. Dry needling, Myofascial release, Kinesiology taping, and Neurodynamic solutions. He has successfully treated many patients with chronic painful myalgias, arthralgias and neuralgias by applying the above techniques.


Having acquired sufficient experience in the field, he has decided to come up with his own family healthcare clinic so that he can serve people in his own unique way. He strongly believes that investment of time, money and efforts in our health is the best investment because health is our greatest wealth. His objective is to prevent people from falling ill as we all know ‘Prevention IS and WILL ALWAYS be better than cure’.


Ultimately, Dr. Deepak takes immense pride in his work since "whoever saves one life, saves the world entire" because even a single person means a whole world to his loved ones.

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